Get to know us!

For us the everyday life is what it's all about. Transforming the most ordinary days into colourful garden party, having your home filled with laughter, colour and loved ones - and maybe, from time to time, with a bit of disorganization. For fifteen years our mission has been to be there with you, creating memories with our long-lasting, beautiful everyday items. So here's to hoping you'll still be all smiles in years time flourishing your home with our design pieces - holding these treasures close, but those memories even closer.

The seed of Kui Design sprouted from the soil of it's birthplace. Our medieval hometown is located in Nordics, by the shore of Baltic ocean, where winters are dark and harsh, and fairytale-like summers to contrast. This is the unique city of unique design - and unique people. One can find layers upon layers of art, history and beauty - there's always more to explore and new inspiration to find. And the name, Kui? Where others need phrases like "what for?" "why is that?" and "i don't understand" we have this one word to express all of them at once. Kui? 

Kui Design was founded in 2007, over 15 years ago, and since then it has been built from ground up to what it is today. We started as two friends wishing to just create something beautiful together, trying out new things. Slowly, trough the years our small workshop has grown into a colorful universe, welcoming all as they are - just like our hometown: Turku, Finland. 

Now we wish to take you along for this incredible journey with us! For us, this is more than a company, a brand or even a lifestyle. It is a colorful adventure with the best of your friends!

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