Piispis stickers

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Piispis stickers

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Elsewehere it's a Berliner, but for us in Turku, this pastry is called bishops doughnut - piispanmunkki - or Piispis for short. This brings a lot of joy and confusion for everyone involved. Sticker sheet includes 8 different Piispis-stickers! 
One of the stickers say "Pist siit sit viel viis piispist", which is Finnish language but in Turku dialect. It's a tongue twister that states "and also would you give me five of those bishops doughtnuts". Our dialect is spoken fast, and while we drop most of wovels from words, we also like to add a handful of gemination and filler words and to make up for it. Truly a marvelous dialect.

Size: 105 x 148 mm
Made in Estonia
Designed by Henna Jaakkola

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