Turun murre keyring

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Turun murre keyring

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Finland can be divided into 7 different dialect regions, and all of these can be divided into smaller groups - there's a lot of them and even finns might have trouble understanding each other at time. As you might know, finnish is not the easiest when it comes to grammar. Genitive form of "Turku" would be "Turun". Finnish word for "dialect" is "murre", which is also one of the words for "dog".
In Turku, we've got our very own dialect which is more than recognizable. Our dialect is spoken fast, and while we drop most of wovels from words, we also like to add a handful of gemination and filler words in to make up for it. And add a few swedish words in, just to mix things up a little. Truly a marvelous dialect.
So, there. Meet the adorable Turun Murre - "dialect of Turku" but also "dog of Turku". So if you love languages, dachshunds and/or to explain small trivia to break the ice - Turun Murre is for you!

Designer: Henna Jaakkola
Material: finnish birch plywood 4 mm
Made in Paimio, Finland!

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