Tälpual ja toispual pyyhe, Roosa

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Tälpuol ja toispuol tea towel, roosa

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Nordics have rich culture of story telling and mythologies. One of these stories tell the origin of the river Aura. Accoring to this mythology it was formed when a giant was plowing his field in town called Oripää (which literally translates as Stallionhead), where the river starts. The story tells how his ox got sting by a gadfly and flew off the handle, dragging the plow as it ran. The plow formed a large furrow, which was filled with water from local springs. Therefore the river Aura (aura meaning plow) was born and started running 70 kilometers down, across the whole county, through Turku and down the archipelago of Baltic sea. 
Nowadays people of Turku have their own way of talking about which side of the river they're standing on. This figure of speech is, in its way, more confusing than any mythological story at hand. If you're meeting a Turkuer by the riverside and they tell you that they're waiting for you on "täl puol" (on this side) of the river, they're on the side where the cathedral stands. This is the side of the historical Turku, where the first market squares formed. If they state being on "tois puol" (on the other side) they're, well, on the side across of the cathedral. 
So this classic Kui-print called "täl puol ja toispuol" presents views from both of these sides of the river, like the old tramcar which retired to serve as an ice cream kiosk in the central market square during summers.

Anyway, our tea towels are 100 % linen, printed and sewn in Finland! And now you've got few awesome pieces of information to go with it.

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