Turuil ja toreil make-up bag, yellow

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Turuil ja toreil make-up bag, yellow

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The name of our city travelled from ancient Russian language, where tŭrgŭ was a word for a market place or important market town. This word was taken into finnish language, and slowly it became synonymous with Finlands most important market town and thus it got the name Turku. Finnish word for market place came from the other side, the swedish word "torg" which turned into "tori" in finnish. So the similarity of the two words with similar meanings have nothing to do with each other! The original meaning of the name Turku is now long forgotten, but still lives within sayings like "maailman turuilla ja toreilla" (around the worlds' market places and market squares).

Our handy pouches are meant to carry anything you might need to carry on and keep in order - and to fit your unique style. This little bag is lined with dirt-repelling polyester to keep it clean and neat.

Size: width c. 18cm (7"), height c. 12cm (5") + base c. 5cm (2")
Material: 100 % cotton, lining 100 % polyester
Sewn in Turku, Finland, in our own factory.
Designed by Anna Hormio

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